Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 65 (Back cover)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 25
Tono Furusato Village

Tono Furusato Village is an outdoor museum in Tono, Iwate Prefecture in northeast Japan. The 8.8-hectare facility is a reconstruction of a farming village, consisting of old houses with many designated as national tangible cultural properties. The museum offers various activities, including straw and bamboo craft making, and folklore performance.

JR East Kamaishi Line

The 90.2-km JR East Kamaishi Line connects Hanamaki Stat ion and Kamaishi Station in northeast Japan. The line was first opened in 1913 as the Iwate Light Rail system with a 762-mm track guage, connecting Hanamaki and Sennintoge pass. Further line expansion was prevented by steep topography, so a ropeway was constructed to transport goods from Sennintoge pass and beyond. In 1929, the decision was made to convert the line to a railway line and extend it to Kamaishi by way of Tono City. The line was nationalized in 1936, and renamed as the Kamaishi Line. It was renamed yet again as the Kamaishi Saisen (Kamaishi West Line) af ter the opening of the Kamaishi Tosen (Kamaishi East Line) connecting Kamaishi and Rikuchuohashi. Both lines were connected, and the present-day Kamaishi Line opened on 10 October 1950.