Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 64 (Back cover)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 24
Traditional architecture in Yokote City

Yokote, in southern Akita Prefecture was a castle town, traditionally seen as a focal point of politics, economy, and military. The Masuda district was especially prosperous due to success in silk marketing, leaf tobacco production, and later, commercial banking, and porcelain production.
Buildings from those eras were wellpreserved, and the entire district has been designated as a traditional architecture preservation district by the Japanese government in December 2013.

Photo: Townscape of Masuda district
JR East Kitakami Line

Kitakami line is a 61.1km line connecting Kitakami Station and Yokote Station in north eastern Japan. The line was first opened as Okoku Line in 15 November 1924, the name was used until 1966, when it was changed to Kitakami line. The route was altered in 1964, due to construction of a dam in a nearby area. Kitakami line links Tohoku main line and Ou main line, making it a very useful line to be used when other lines are closed due to natural disasters or construction of new lines. The line was actively used when neighboring Tazawako line was temporarily closed due to construction of Akita Shinkansen.

Photo: Kitakami line running in Iwate Prefecture