Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 63 (Back cover)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 23
Tokaido Main Line

The Tokaido main line is a main trunk line connecting Tokyo and Kobe. The line is operated by three different companies in the JR group: JR East, JR Central, and JR West. Construction began in 1886, after the initial plan to build a trunk line through inland Japan was abandoned due to topographical problems in that region. The line was constructed following the old ‘Tokaido road’ utilized for centuries by travellers between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka. The line was completed in 1914. Major express trains ran on the line before the opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen in 1964. The line still plays an important role for regional passenger transportation and long-distance freight services.

Photo: Tokaido main line between Hayakawa and Nebukawa
Jomo No Mai

Jomo no mai is a historic dance performed in Yugawara, Kanagawa, as part of the Doi Festival, an event commemorating Doi Sanehira. He is a warrior who supported Minamoto-no Yoritomo’s* call to arms against the Taira clan. The origin of the dance can be traced back to 1183, when Doi’s castle was burned down during a war with the Heike clan. Doi rejoiced that Minamoto was safe, and despite the loss of his house, he sang and danced to celebrate the safety and the fortune of his lord.
* The founder of Kamakura Shogunate

Photo: Jomo no mai