Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 57 (Scenery)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 17
Ominato Line

The Ominato Line was first opened in March 1921 between Noheji and Mutsu-Yokohama (30.1 km). The whole 58.4-km line was opened in September of the same year. It is JR East’s northernmost line and connects to the Tohoku main line at Noheji Station. However, the Ominato Line will be isolated from other JR East lines when the Tohoku main line section between Hachinohe and Aomori is separated from JR East and incorporated into the third-sector Aoimori Railway following Tohoku Shinkansen extension to Shin Aomori on 4 December 2010.

Osorezan (Mt Osore)

Osorezan (Mt Fear) is the name of a holy somma volcano cone surrounding Lake Usori on the Shimokita peninsula in northeast Japan. The Buddhist priest Jikaku Daishi (aka Ennin 794(?)–864) opened the Osorezan Bodai Temple on the mountain in 862. Since then, the mountain has been worshipped as a Shinto god. Osorezan is popular with tourists seeking to enjoy its hot springs and to meet the shaman priests.

Photo: JR East’s Kiha 100 diesel railcar running on Ominato Line from Ominato to Noheji in northeast Japan (JR East)
Osorezan Bodaiji Temple gate (Mutsu City Department of Tourism and Commerce)