Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 56 (Scenery)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 16

JR East’s Tazawako Line

JR East’s Series 701 AC EMU running on Tazawako Line between Omagari and Morioka in north-east Japan.
The first services started in 1922 as two separate light-railway lines running on two different sections; one between Morioka and Hashiba, and the other between Omagari and Obonai. There was a plan to connect the two lines from the late Taisho era (1912–26), but it was delayed by a series of wars. The line finally opened and was renamed the Tazawako Line in 1966, after the Obonai Line was connected to the Hashiba Line. It was electrified in 1982 after extension of the Tohoku Shinkansen to Morioka and the track was converted to standard gauge in 1996 to serve as the eastern half of Akita Shinkansen.

Nyuto Hot Springs Village

Nyuto Hot Springs Village refers to a collection of hot springs and inns in eastern Akita Prefecture in north-east Japan. With various styles, such as rotenburo outdoor hot springs in primeval forest and a resort with modern amenities, the area is very popular with tourists seeking respite from daily life. The area was approved by the Ministry of Environment in 1967 as a hot spring resort suitable for recuperation and relaxation with good accessibilit y and safety.
Photo: JR East
Photo: National Park Resort Village Nyuto Hotsprings