Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 53 (Back cover)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 13
Esashi Ubagami Daijingu Festival

The photograph shows a parade of floats and mikoshi portable shrines in Esashi City, Hokkaido, for the Esashi Ubagami Daijingu Festival held from 9 to 11 August each year to thank the gods for a good catch of herring, which is an Esashi specialty. The festival highlight is on the second day when the mikoshi return to the main shrine after parading through the city.

Super Hakucho Limited Express

Super Hakucho limited express links Hakodate (Hokkaido) to Hachinohe (Honshu) through Esashi Line and Seikan undersea tunnel. Connecting with Tohoku Shinkansen at Hachinohe, Hakodate is reached in 5 hours 58 minutes from Tokyo by rail. After its completion in 1936, Esashi Line was regarded as one of the least profitable lines in Japan for many decades until 1988, when the eastern half of the line was transformed into a trunk line between Honshu and Hokkaido.
Photo: Floats parading through Esashi City (Esashi Tourism Convention Association
Photo: Super Hakucho limited express running on Esashi Line (JR Hokkaido)