Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 48 (Back cover)

New Japanese Railway Scenery 9
Seto Ohashi Memorial Park

Seto Ohashi Memorial Park (10.2 ha) covers the area that was used previously for the Kagawa Site of the Seto Ohashi Expo, an event held from March to August 1988 to celebrate the opening of the Seto-Ohashi bridges. Part of the park was opened to the public in November 1988 and the remainder in 1991. The park offers breathtaking views of the Seto Inland Sea, and in addition to extensive green spaces, boasts a number of other attractions, including Seto Ohashi Memorial Hall, theatre and art gallery, waterfall with viewing tunnel, pond, playground, traditional Japanese rest area, and football and rugby pitches. This range of features makes the park popular with people of all ages.
As well as beautiful natural landscapes, the park is also home to some fine artworks, especially a Dodama-jishi guardian sculpture by Masayuki Nagare. The park is in Bannosu-Midori-cho in Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture, and is open all year round (free admission).
Photo: Seto Ohashi Memorial Park Management Association

Honshi-Bisan Line

The Honshi-Bisan Line operated by JR West (Chayamachi-Kojima) and JR Shikoku (Kojima-Utazu) links the stations of Chayamachi in Okayama Prefecture and Utazu in Kagawa Prefecture. However, it is popularly called the Seto-Ohashi Line because it crosses the Seto-Ohashi bridges underneath the road deck of the Seto-Chuo Expressway. The rail deck can accommodate shinkansen too. The Honshi-Bisan Line has reduced travel times between Honshu and Shikoku by some 75% and the bridge link has created various new benefits, including allowing local people to travel further for business, school, shopping, and leisure.
Photo: JR Shikoku