Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 43 • 44 (Front cover & p.5)

Front Cover

Photo: Mallet-type Class 9850 (left) and Pacific Class C57 (right) steam locomotives exhibited inside the Transportation Museum in Tokyo
(T. Suga)

Editorial Notes

This issue is a double number due to a delay of previous issues. Instead, the editing team describes the feature subjects of this issue.
In No. 43 issue, the feature World Railway Museum introduces National Railway Museum in York (UK), DB Museum in Nuremberg (Germay), German Technical Museum in Berlin (Germany) Cité du Train in Mulhouse (France) and Transportation Museum in Tokyo and newly-built Museum of Railways (both Japan). In No. 44, the feature Earthquake Disaster Countermeasures explains how railway operators (JR East, JR Central and JR West) taking actions to prevent or minimize serious earthquake damages.