Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 36 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 29
JR Kyushu:Nippo Main Line
Series 885 EMU express running south along coast of Tsukumi Bay near Hishiro Station on JR Kyushu's Nippo main line. Beyond the peninsula in the background is the small Usuki Bay where the Dutch vessel De Liefde drifted ashore in 1600 with the pilot William Adams, the first Englishman in Japan. The 463-km line was completed in 1932 and was entirely electrified by 1979. The northern end from Kokura (Kita Kyushu City) to Oita is a double track enjoying fairly busy traffic with business travellers and tourists. The remainder is single track and suffers from low ridership due to well-developed road and air transport.
( Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office )