Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 35 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 28
Tobu Railway: Nikko Line
Kegon luxury-express EMU bound for Nikko, running near Kurihashi Station on Tobu Railway's Nikko Line. Tobu is the third largest private railway (463 route-km) in Japan after Kinki Nippon Railway and Nagoya Railroad. The company was founded in 1897 and the first section near Tokyo was opened in 1890. Today, Tobu's entirely electrified network covers the north Kanto region including the world-famous Nikko tourist spot, and hot springs in the Kinugawa area. Tobu's customers include commuters in Tokyo's northern suburbs, business travellers between Tokyo and small industrial cities in north Kanto, and international tourists visiting Nikko. During the 1960s, Tobu and JNR fought a hard competition for Nikko-bound tourists, but Tobu won the race with its frequent luxury-express services.
( Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office )