Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 34 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 27
JR West: Kansai Main Line
Eastbound two-car DMU train leaving Kasagi Station on JR West's Kansai Line. This area is known for the old Kasagidera Buddhist temple on a craggy hill. The 175-km line between Nagoya and Minatomachi (now JR Namba) in Osaka was opened as three different private lines that were unified in 1900 as the private Kansai Railway. Severe competition with the government's Tokaido Line between Nagoya and Osaka was ended by the 1907 nationalization of Kansai Railway. After WWII, the line challenged the private Kintetsu line, which had started Nagoya Osaka express services after the wartime amalgamation of railways Kintetsu finally won the contest with improved tracks and rolling stock. Today, the Nagoya Kameyama section is run by JR Central. The Kizugawa River in the background was once used to float log rafts down to Osaka.
( Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office )