Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 31 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 24
Izukyu Corporation
Express EMU train crossing viaduct overlooking Pacific Ocean near Kawana Station belonging to private Izukyu Corporation. The beautiful beaches and hot springs of the Izu Peninsula attract many tourists, but the region had a poor rail network until the 1960s despite JNR’s (now JR East’s) 17-km Ito Line and the 20-km private Izu-Hakone Railway that served the northern root of the peninsula. Extension of the JNR Ito Line faced financial difficulties and Tokyu Corporation obtained government approval for a new line in 1959. Izukyu Corporation (a Tokyu subsidiary) completed the 46-km electrified single-track from Ito to Shimoda in 1961. The good natural harbour at Shimoda became one of Japan’s first open ports where the first American Consulate General was opened in 1856. JR East and Izukyu run many direct tourist express trains from Tokyo to Shimoda.
( Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office )