Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 30 (pp.54-55)

August – October 2001

2 August New Orleans International Airport changed to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in memory of late Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong
Accident between two tramcars in Nagasaki injured 80 passengers and crew
3 August Train accident on Chicago's elevated railway injured 141 people
Sightseeing bus in Hawaii rolled into ditch injuring 18 passengers and driver
6 August Two passenger cars crashed head-on and caught fire in highway tunnel near Graz, Austria, killing 5 people
15 August Zeppelin airship restored to service after 64 years in south Germany with fare DM600 (DM1 = US$0.45)
27 August According to transport results for 2000 announced by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, railway passengers totalled 21.65 billion (-0.5% and 7th consecutive decrease). Passenger-km totalled 384.44 billion (-0.2%) with JRs and private railways decreasing by 0.5% and 0.4%, respectively. Shinkansen passengers increased by1.1% to 280 million but freight dropped by 0.5% to 589.8 billion tonnes
28 August Urban Renaissance Headquarters of Japanese government finalized second stage of plan for urban renaissance with five items including connection of Tokyo city centre to Narita Airport in 30 minutes by new Narita rapid-transit railway using extension of Hokuso Kodan Line
29 August Domestic airplane crashed on landing near Pablo Picasso Airport, Spain, killing 4 passengers
In response to two head-on rail collisions since December, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced subsidy for small-to-medium railways to install Automatic Train Stop system
1 September Fire on third floor of four-story building in notorious entertainment area of Tokyo killed 44 people
2 September Two trains collided in station yard of Chibon, Indonesia, killing at least 36 and injuring more than 64 people
3 Septembe New Doctor Yellow maintenance train set began operating on San’yo Shinkansen at 270 km/h
Russia's Ministry of Railway and Korea's National Railway Authority agreed to establish committee on links between railway connecting South Korea and North Korea with Trans-Siberian Railway towards completing Iron Silk Road connecting Pusan–Seoul–Wonsan–Hasan–Moscow
4 September New Tokyo International Airport Corporation announced early opening on 18 April 2002 of second 2180-m parallel runway at Narita Airport 1 month earlier than scheduled
Tokyo DisneySea opened adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland
11 September Four domestic airplanes crashed by hijackers into towers of World Trade Center in New York, Pentagon in Washington, DC, and field near Pittsburgh. Both WTC towers collapsed killing about 4000 people
13 September Amtrak train from Chicago to Oakland and freight train collided and derailed near Wendover, Utah, but no-one injured
21 September Double-decker bus ran off road into reservoir near Guilin, China, leaving 36 passengers and crew dead
27 September Two single-car trains carrying many schoolchildren crashed head-on near Lindau, Germany, injuring 82 people
Osaka Convention of 14th General Assembly of World Tourism Organization opened in Osaka City with 1500 participants from 111 countries
Hanshin Electric Railway and Nishi Osaka Rapid Railway applied to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to extend Hanshin’s Nishi Osaka Line by 3.4 km between Amagasaki and Nishi Kujo. Project to use system in which quasi-public corporation Nishi Osaka Rapid Railway will construct and own facilities (category-3 railway) and Hanshin Electric Railway (category-3 railway) will operate services
30 September Nagoya Railroad closed Ibi Line (5.6 km between Kurono and Honibi); Tanigumi Line (11.2 km between Kurono and Tanigumi); Yaotsu Line (7.3 km between Akechi and Yaotsu); and Takehana Line (6.7 km between Egira and Osu) due to very low ridership
3 October Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport granted special permission to Aichi Rapid Transport for construction of 8.9-km Tobu Kyuryo Line between Fujigaoka and Yagusa to open in 2005
4 October Tupolev 154 shot down over Black Sea by rogue missile launched by Ukrainian Navy on exercises, killing all 78 people on board
5 October Double-decker bus fell into river in Qiwan autonomous region, Guangxi, killing 20 and injuring 25 people
8 October MD 87 belonging to SAS collided with light airplane at Milan Linate Airport, Italy, killing all passengers and crew of both planes and four ground staff, totalling 118 people
10 October Cessna belonging to PenAir crashed on takeoff in Alaska, killing 9 of 10 passengers and crew
15 October Air France and British Airways announced return of Concorde to service from 7 November
16 October Tourism Industry Association of Japan established to integrate airlines, railways, hotels, travel agencies, etc., horizontally. Chairman of Kokudo Co., Mr Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, inaugurated as association president
19 October Keifuku Electric Railway submitted closure notice for three lines (59.2 km) in Fukui Prefecture to Chubu Transportation Bureau. Local people wanted to continue operating lines as semi-public corporation but Keifuku abandoned any idea of resuming operations
24 October Two trucks crashed head-on and caught fire in Gotthard Tunnel (16.3 km) in Ticino, southern Switzerland, killing 11 people and leaving 128 missing

Photo: Opened in July 2001, Disney Resort Line is a 5-km single-track loop monorail with four stations serving both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. The 84-m-long six-car train carries a maximum of 537 passengers.


Minoru Toyoda
President of Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation and former Administrative Vice Minister for Transport died on 8 August aged 62 years. Joined Ministry of Transport in 1962 after graduating from University of Tokyo. After serving as Deputy Director General of Maritime Safety Agency, Director General of Secretariat, Director of Transport Policy Bureau, became Administrative Vice Minister for Transport in June 1995

Michihiko Matsuo
Vice President of Japan Air System appointed President of Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation on 7 September. Joined Ministry of Transport in 1960 after graduating from University of Tokyo. Served as Director of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, Administrative Vice Minister for Transport before retirement in June 1995

Akira Kanai
Vice President of JR West appointed President of Nippon Travel Agency on 1 October. Joined former JNR in 1968 after graduating from University of Tokyo. Became Director of JR West in 1992 and Vice President in 2000. Held additional post of Director (part time) of Nippon Travel Agency since March 2000