Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 20 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 13
JR Kyushu: Nichinan Line

An early morning DMU of JR Kyushu running along the Pacific coast between Odotsu and Nango stations on the Nichinan Line in Miyazaki Prefecture. This section was built before WWII as part of the government-railways' Shibushi Line branching from the Nippo main line at Miyakonojo and reaching Kitago via Shibushi. In 1963, a JNR line extending from Miyazaki on the same Nippo main line reached Kitago, and the Miyazaki-Shibushi section was renamed the Nichinan Line. The area has outstanding natural beauty and most sections are just a quiet rural railway. However, a new branch line serving Miyazaki Airport branches off near the Miyazaki end of the line. In 1987, the Shibushi Line between Miyakonojo and Shibushi was replaced by bus services.
(Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office)