Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 17 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 10
JR Central: Takayama Main Line

This local two-car DMU is crossing the River Hida between Yakeishi and Gero stations on the Takayama Main Line of JR Central. The 226-km line was built to link the Hida Basin with Gifu and Nagoya on the Tokaido Main Line, and with Toyama on the Sea-of-Japan coast. Construction started in 1919 from the Gifu end, and in 1924 from the Toyama end. The last remote section was opened in 1934. The Hida Basin is surrounded by mountains and Takayama City is a favourite tourist destination due to its cultural heritage and good access to the Japanese Alps. Another attraction is a famous hot spa at Gero, near where this photograph was taken. JR Central runs seven daily express services in each direction between Nagoya and Takayama, and some extend to Toyama.
(Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office)