Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 16 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 9
JR Shikoku: Yosan Main Line

This three-car EMU local train is running along the Seto-Inland-Sea coast between Kaiganji and Takuma stations on the 292-km Yosan Main Line in Shikoku. A short section some 10 km east of where this photograph was taken opened in 1889. The 195-km Takamatsu-Matsuyama section, running through the most populated area, was completed much later during the 1920s, because the area was accessible by sea. The last stretch near Uwajima at the southwestern end was opened as late as 1945. Although it is still the busiest line in Shikoku, its role as part of the nationwide rail network decreased considerably after the opening of the Sanyo Shinkansen on the other side of the Inland Sea, and the development of air transport. After the JNR privatization, the newly founded JR Shikoku electrified the line between Takamatsu and Iyoshi, but most still remains single track.
(Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office)