Japan Railway & Transport Review No. 14 (Back cover)

Japanese Railway Scenery 7
JR Hokkaido: Senmo Main Line

The Senmo Trunk Line links Kushiro, a port town on the Pacific coast, with Abashiri on the Sea-of-Okhotsk coast. Although called a trunk line, in fact, it serves one of the most remote and least-populated areas in Japan. Construction started from both ends, and a short section at Abashiri was first opened in 1925. The line was completed in 1931. This single-car DMU is running along the Sea-of Okhotsk coast line between Shari and Yamubetsu. In summer, passengers enjoy cool breezes, wild flowers, and virgin forests, but the Pacific coast is often covered by dense fog. In winter, ice floes from Siberia pack the surface of the Sea-of-Okhotsk.
(Photo: M. Mashima Photo Office)